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Preventive measures

Preventive measures ( preventive seal).
It is an excellent tool for disciplining partners, and cost-effective way of encouraging customers to settle payments. Service is addressed to the present and future customers who appreciate the reliability and punctuality of payment. Preventive warning on invoices informs about the consequences of delays in payment.


Pre-vindication is a gentle way to recover debts and mobilizing contributors to the regular and timely fulfillment of obligations.
This method works in different situations, especially when the cause of the backlog is: lack of payment discipline, lack of effective methods of debt enforcement and a sense of impunity consumer and business.

How pre-vindication works:

  • telephone notifications;
  • form request for payment of the public notification warning;
  • stamp to use on their own financial documents with information about the intention to place in the records of the debtor and notification to include economic information about it in public, etc.

Peaceful settlements

Peaceful settlements it is a recovery from the debtor by way of negotiations. Peaceful settlement makes it possible to take swift action recovery with no paperwork and extra costs.
Recovery in this way is carried out by professionals with adequate preparation and knowledge. Activities are carried out through negotiations with the debtor.

Peaceful settlement includes following:

  • establishing contact with the debtor;
  • analysis of receivables;
  • evaluation of the debtors profile;
  • sending a request for payment;
  • conduct negotiations via phone;
  • obtaining written confirmation of acknowledgment of debt from the debtor;
  • establishing and monitoring the debtor's repayment schedule.

Personal contact with the debtor

It is one of the most effective debt collection process activities. Carried out on the basis of personal contact with the debtor. Such contact is used to effectively discipline the debtor to pay debts , realizing the consequences of his refusal to pay the debt and has a direct impact on the assessment of its financial status.


This service covers the entire process of recovery, from the date of invoice, by recovering extra-judicial and judicial powers until the final recovery of outstanding payments.

Fundamentals of monitoring:

  • call the debtor to pay;
  • verification of register data of the debtor;
  • telephone contact with the debtor;
  • personal negotiations with the debtor;
  • control over the correctness of payment ( timing and amount );
  • take action to prevent the statute of limitations debt.

Monitoring payments begin before the due date of the invoice , our contact has to motivate the recipient to the timely payment of debts. The recipient will be informed about the approach of the payment date , and the Customer will receive information on non-performing loans , the repayment of which will not happen within the prescribed period. The task will be in this case, setting a new payment deadline and supervision of payment.

All activities within the services are performed by our staff on your behalf.

As a result, the debtor will have a sense of the inevitability of payment and will have to reckon with the consequences of its absence. Receivables that are not paid during the monitoring service immediately directed to the way the judicial proceedings.

Judicial proceeding

During litigation matters represent the Customer during the whole process, in all instances. Successful case immediately pass to the enforcement authorities.

Judicial proceeding includes:

  • evaluation of the documentation provided;
  • selection the course of actions;
  • prepare and submit an action before the competent court and preparing all the documents
  • representation in court proceedings (in each court instance);
  • supervision of the proper conduct of the proceedings;
  • appeals for adverse judgments.

The basis for the execution of the order, by the Customer, is the submission of a recovery order. Our agency will send all the required documents, which are necessary to conduct litigation. We undertake to prepare the submission to the competent Court before the applicable deadline. Customer agrees to pay all: stamp duties, judicial, administrative fees, based on valuation approved by the Client.

Constant supervision of enforcement proceedings

Enforcement proceedings is the last and final stage of recovery. Efficacy and duration of debt collection depends not only on the solvency of the debtor, but also on the activity of law enforcement agencies. Representing the interests of the customer we take care of the proper course of the entire procedure and accelerate the implementation of the order.

In the course of enforcement proceedings our agency:

  • draw conclusions on enforcement;
  • submit relevant documentation to the relevant law enforcement agencies;
  • conducts ongoing monitoring and supervision over the activities of law enforcement agencies.

Purchase - sale of debt

Sale or purchase of receivables.

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